Aghazade Part 26 (Free Download)

Aghazade Part 26 Watch Online Free

Nima Bahri has been released from prison. Behrooz realizes that Nima was trying to appropriate Hassan’s money and wealth. Behrouz and Tina try to make evidence against Nima and defeat him. Tina is Razia’s friend and Sarah’s sister. She wants to avenge her sister’s blood from Nima Bahri.
Hamed is very sad about Razia’s death. You can watch serial Aghazadeh part 26 here.

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Razia has been murdered in the most heinous way possible, and detectives are trying to figure out the secret of her murder. The car in which Razia was killed belongs to Tina. Tina had announced 10 days before Razia’s death that her car had been stolen.

What happened in episode 25 of Aghazadeh?

Amir Bahri is very worried about Nima and advises him to leave the country as soon as possible, but Nima does not accept. He warns Nima that Hamed is seeking revenge on him, but Nima says that there is nothing to worry about!

Serial Aghazade Part 26

Behrooz goes to Nima’s house and tells them that by signing a contract and giving a large amount of money, he can take Nima out of the country and close his criminal case and …

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