Download Malake Gedaian Part 2

Free Download Malake Gedayan Part 2

In the previous episode, we saw that the wedding broke down and everyone returned to Iran. Free Watch Online Malake Gedaian Part 2. The criminals imprisoned Alborz to kill him. Alborz finds the chemicals there and makes a mixture to melt the door lock. He escapes from there and suddenly two people surround him from behind and in front. They hit Alborz in the head and he fainted.

Download Malake Gedayan Part 2

In the next sequence, he is in the hospital and regains consciousness. The doctor asks him his name and Alborz says: I am Alborz Shams. But the doctor and the nurse look at him in surprise and say: Tell me your real name, Mr. Babaei! The doctor shows him his national card and Alborz sees that it is his photo, but with the name of Farhad Babaei!

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Alborz is released from the hospital and goes to his father’s house, but no one knew him there. In the next sequence, he goes to the hospital where his father is present and meets his mother while his father is in the ICU, but Ms. Shams does not know him either.

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