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Alborz and Parsa agree to continue production if Afra comes to the laboratory. In fact, Alborz misses Afra very much and wants to meet her under this pretext.

Download Malake Gedayan Part 15

In Malake Gedaian part 15, Alborz starts preparing raw materials and does not continue production until Afra arrives. Meanwhile, Sarah gets angry with him and becomes jealous.

Parsa: Did you think you were the first person to fall in love with Afra?
Sarah: Well, I did not marry you. what happened? You hated her until yesterday, did you fall in love with her now?

Alborz: It has nothing to do with you! He is much, much better than you. She has things that you do not have. I just felt sorry for you, otherwise, I would not have loved you.

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