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Free Download Malake Gedayan Part 3

Sarah and Darius quarrel and Sarah confess. It seems that someone came to her and promised to pay several times the money she was supposed to earn by marrying Alborz, but instead, Sara denies the existence of Alborz. Afra claims that she is Alborz’s fiancé and Alborz loves her. Watch Online Serial Malake Gedaian Part 3

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Afra takes Alborz to a place where there are many children working on the streets.

Dariush tells Alborz why he went here with Afra? Alborz also says that because I became anonymous. I became homeless. I have to understand what happened, even if it means dying.
Dariush admires the courage and bravery of Alborz and says that he loves Sarah. Alborz claims that he does not love Sara at all and that he only wanted to marry her because of his father. Dariush tells Alborz that Sarah was hired by someone with a promise of money to deny the existence of Alborz. And it can be pursued by a lawyer who is the founder of good deeds. Alborz escapes during an opportunity and with Dariush, he goes to the lawyer that Dariush had introduced and …

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