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At night the queen sends her men. They beat Afra and injured her hands and feet. Afra, who was severely wounded and had lost a lot of blood, softened a little and because Alborz was a chemist in Germany and had a brief acquaintance with medical science, he dressed his wounds and in the meantime, the intimacy between Them are formed. It seems that the same intimacy of the future will help Alborz and save his life. Watch Online Malake Gedaian Part 4 For Free

Malake Gedayan Part 4

Alborz asks her: Where do you think I can find the queen?
Afra says: When I was a child, Shubair was my brother and he loved me very much. He told us a story in which an evil queen harassed children and hated children. The next night, Parsa goes to see Afra.

Afra asks him: Who is the queen? What is the story? Why do you want to bother Alborz?
Parsa says: If I tell you a story, you will tell Alborz.
Afra says angrily: Don’t worry! I want to be the head of “Muftabad”.

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