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Serial Aghazade Part 27 Summary: In the new episode of the Aghazadeh series, Dr. Bahri and his son suffered a lot. Haj Hassan, who was helping them, ordered that Nima be imprisoned for his own interests.

Serial Aghazadeh Part 27

Hamed and Nima are in prison, and one night, Nima realizes that several people have gone to Hamed’s cell to kill him. He quickly reaches Hamed and saves his life and …

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Behrooz goes to see Nima in prison and argues with her. Nima threatens him and Behrooz gets angry. Tina gives Hamed the address of Alex and tells him: Go to Alex faster, he wants to escape from Iran.
On the other side of the case, Hamed is arrested for killing Alex. Hamed goes to prison and has to wait for the court ruling and the case to be clarified.

What happened to Nima Bahri In Aghazadeh Series?

Nima is in a difficult mental condition. One night, while he was sleeping in his cell, he saw Hamed and Razia in a dream.
He dreams that Hamed shoots him and kills him. The next day, Nima wakes up and sees that Hamed has also been arrested and imprisoned.

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