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Serial Gisoo Part 6:

Soheil and Peyman fight in the street and Peyman is injured. Soheil goes to get medicine for him from the pharmacy. Meanwhile, the two girls see Peyman. He has nosebleeds. One of the girls gives him a tissue.

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Peyman: Do not see me like this. I just got back from America and I have a green card.
The girls laugh and say to him: How could you have gone to America with such a car?
Soheil is coming from afar and also the girls like his body and appearance very much.
Soheil: Hello, is something wrong?
Girls: Are you living in Iran?
Soheil: Yes, but I have a wife, so does he!
The girls get upset and leave.

Synopsis Of Serial Gisoo Part 6

In Giso Series part6, Reza takes his father and family away to keep them safe. He advises them not to leave the house and to contact him if they need anything.

Haj Younes tells Reza: Be very careful, we must save ourselves from these problems anyway.

Reza: I promise you and also Do not worry.

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