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In this episode (Serial Gisoo Part 7), Pegah tries to find out why Lucy came to Iran. Peyman initially said that Lucy was his wife, but it turned out that she was Peyman’s girlfriend who had come to Iran to find her parents. Pegah calls Peyman to inform him that she is taking Lucy to her house, but he does not answer.

Free Download Giso Part 7

In new episode of Serial Giso Part 7, Peyman angrily goes to Pegah’s house and tells Lucy to pack up quickly and leave. Pegah: I called you but you did not answer.
Lucy: So you lied to me that you called Peyman and talked to him?
Pegah: Trust me, I had no bad intentions, I just wanted to help.

Serial Gisoo Part 7 – سریال گیسو قسمت 7

Peyman goes to the hotel and tells the person in charge there to call his wife’s room, but he says: “I’m sorry, your wife left here two hours ago and took all her belongings.”
Peyman: You are wrong, she will not go anywhere without me.
Room manager: A woman came and they went together.

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