Free Download Serial Gisoo Part 9

Serial Gisoo Part 9: Soheil lives in a motel and struggles with poverty until his wife Pegah comes to him and has a strange request from Soheil. On the other hand, Younes Shakiba is still involved in Giso’s legal affairs.

Free Download Serial Gisoo Part 9

Serial Gisoo Part 9 – سریال گیسو قسمت 9

Reza Shakiba calls Peyman to come to Iran because of the death of Peyman’s sister. The family accompanies him to the airport. Mohammad Reza Golzar says: Oh, Peyman has come. The family asks where Peyman is and Golzar says he is in that black vest.

Serial Giso is looking for economic corruptors and is also worried about the childbearing situation. Pegah is desperate for a baby and is looking after a little girl. Yes, so far everything is human and with the right moral message.

To take custody of the little girl, Pegah wants to lie to the inspectors that she has a romantic life with Soheil.

It is clear that Pegah suffers from mental and psychological problems and that she is neither in a good condition in her external life nor in her mental life.

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