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Ramin continues to try to persuade Soroush to help him plan a robbery at Villa Nouri. Soroush, who was initially opposed to this issue, is finally a little convinced and enters into a deal with him; stating that in certain circumstances, he is willing to cooperate and in fact participate in this theft.

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This is the first time that Nouri has been able to make money using the obtained materials. Thus, this is the beginning of great wealth that will be seized by the future. The rest of the story is also predictable, Nouri, according to Ramin, once could not even fasten his shoelaces; it is now clear how he made this fortune and reached the villa of several thousand meters and the latest model car. Everyone is celebrating; while Soroush and Abad know nothing of the reality behind the scenes and think that Nouri has the ability to hypnotize!

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