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Ghoorbaghe Part 13: Leila goes to see Shams Abadi in prison and when she sees him, she looks at his hand. Leila’s brother, Nouri, has cut off one of his fingers. In previous episodes, the reason for this happened.

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Now Leila is worried about Shams Abadi, but Shams Abadi tells her: You have your own life outside of here and I do not care about you at all. You can not understand what I am suffering here because you are all thinking of yourself.

Ghoorbaghe Part 13 – Free Watch Online New Episode Of Frog Series

Everything is your brother’s fault. That brother of yours has caused me a disaster that I pick up the phone with my own hands and confess to the murder. I have enough people in the city to bury you all alive. So get lost now and get out of here, I don’t want to see you anymore, everything is over between us. You are unlucky.

Shams Abadi continues:
I will not forget anything for 40 years. But I can not remember the memories of that night. It is not clear what your brother did to me.

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