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Ghoorbaghe Part 14: In the previous episode, we saw that Leila introduced herself as Shams Abadi’s wife and went to visit her. In this meeting, Leila revealed the secret of her brother who uses a Thai substance for hypnosis.

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Shams Abadi’s lawyer sees Leila in prison and tells her that there is something that would make him worse. That makes Leila worry.

Ghoorbaghe Part 14 – Free Watch Online New Episode Of Frog Series

This episode begins with a review of memories from the past. Ramin and Nouri were classmates at the same school. One day the school principal fights Nouri and tore his exam paper and slapped him. This causes Nouri to pour oil on all the papers in the manager’s room and set it on fire.

Shams Abadi is taking a shower when his lawyer enters.
Lawyer: Hello.
Shams Abadi: What happened?
Lawyer: I have to talk to you.
Shams Abadi: Talk.
Lawyer: It is not that simple. During this time I was checking everything. Everything happens by light. Now I’m sure the night I went to him he did something to me that I can not remember.
Shams Abadi: Exactly what he did to me but you did not believe.

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