Ghoorbaghe Part 4

Ghoorbaghe Part 4: In the previous episodes, we saw that Ramin and two of his friends went to Nouri Villa to steal. Nouri saw them and the thieves arrested him. Suddenly Nouri hypnotized them and they shot each other, but Ramin survived because his heart was on the right side of his body. Police arrest Ramin and interrogate him. Ramin, who seems to be to blame for killing the police officer, answers the questions in such a way as to prove his innocence. Watch Online Serial Ghorbaghe Part 4

The New Episode OF Frog Series – Ghoorbaghe Part 4

When Ramin is released, one of his friends’ brother comes to see him. He wants money from Ramin but Ramin has no money. Ramin promises to bring them money. He finds Nouri Villa and goes there with a bag.

Farhad, who was chasing him, looks at him and says, “Where is this place?” Why did you come here? Ramin says do not interfere, I have something to do here.

Farhad follows him and they enter the villa. They go there to get money from Nouri but Nouri does not give them.

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