Ghoorbaghe Part 5

Ghoorbaghe Part 5: Ramin’s grandparents live in Rasht. Their family is entertaining and the families gather together regularly. Ramin’s father’s attempts to make a fake veteran card are in vain, but something bad happens to his wife. Ramin’s mother loses her finger due to a collision in the trunk of the car, and thus she becomes a veteran. Watch Online Serial Ghorbaghe Part 5

What Happens In Ghoorbaghe Part 5?

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Ramin and his mother go for a walk. The police stop their car. In the trunk of a car, police find a human finger. Ramin first tries to state that the finger found in the car is the same as his mother’s amputated finger 30 years ago. When the officer asks Ramin’s mother about the case, he states that he is unaware. Ramin states that he has just been released from prison and has several cases, and by offering a bribe to the officer, he tries to convince him to leave the place. An agent was very strict at first but agreed to let him go. The case was that the agent had his finger on his finger, and under the same factor that Nouri had hypnotized Ramin’s friends, a similar thing happened.

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