Ghoorbaghe Part 6

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Ramin goes to Frank to find out what this magical finger does to everyone after touching or smelling it; He puts his intellect and authority under the command of a second person and becomes a kind of so-called hypnosis! By examining and conducting experiments, Frank realizes that this finger was an ordinary finger and in this respect, it does not have a special advantage, but the materials that fell on it have caused this property.

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Ghoorbaghe Part 6

He guesses that in the past that person (the owner of the finger) touched something he was not allowed to access and the owner of the place also cut off his finger. Some of that material now remains on the amputated finger.

Ramin is saved from trouble. He then asks the hypnotized agent to find someone. She is Frank, Ramin’s student friend. Frank has been Ramin’s mistress for years, and the two seem to be planning to get married. Of course, during their student days, the two also engaged in illegal activities, including transporting, distributing and selling drugs. But why did Ramin go to her? Ramin knows that Frank works in the lab and she is a doctor.

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