Ghoorbaghe Part 7

Ghoorbaghe Part 7: Police officers come to Ramin’s house to arrest him, but Ramin escapes. Ramin sees a meat truck open on the street. He throws himself into the car and closes the door. The driver of the car parks the car and goes to another place without noticing that someone is inside the car. Download Ghorbaghe Part 7 For Free

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Ramin is stuck in the car and his body temperature drops from moment to moment due to the cold there. He picks up his phone and calls Rahela. But his sister does not answer him. He calls Frank and asks him for help.
Ramin: I got stuck somewhere, can you help me?
Frank: Forgot your words? I wish you would die!
Ramin: Don’t talk so much, help me.
Frank: Where are you? what are you doing?

Frank: I can’t keep the lab phone busy. Tell me soon.
Ramin: I think the car turned off.
Frank: Send me the location, I’ll come and help.

Until Frank reaches Ramin, he tries different ways to get out, but none of them work. He is freezing quickly and…

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