Ghorbaghe Part 10

Ghorbaghe Part 10: In the next sequences, we will encounter very important flashbacks of the frog. Where it is clearly before Nouri came to power and established all this wealth and money by him. 12 years ago, and at a time when Soroush and Abad had just entered the optical organization. What happened in this acquaintance and connection between them was the story of revenge against Nouri’s father.

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Anyway, Nouri is now living with her younger sister, Leila, and is busy with a series of very simple businesses, until one day, when she takes her little sister, Leila, for a walk in the park, she meets strange things. . Of course, this is just a cover, because Soroush has been informed by an interface in which a large amount of drugs has been embedded in the park and on the guard side, which can lead to considerable wealth by stealing these cocaines.

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