Ghorbaghe Part 8

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After Ramin goes to Nouri’s villa, Nouri tells one of his people to call someone and see if he has a cut finger.
Ramin wakes up in the morning and tells Nouri that water is dripping from the ceiling of his room. Nouri tells Abad to go to the roof and fix it.
Abad: It’s raining a lot now. I can not go up. I might fall to the ground.
Nouri: It doesn’t matter to me, go up right now. Serial Ghorbaghe Part 8

Summary Of Serial Ghorbaghe Part 8

Soroush protests to Nouri why he kept Ramin. He tells Nouri that Ramin is trying to make himself look like him. Nouri says we have no choice but to keep it because it is being pursued by the police. Ramin said that if the police arrest him, he will inform the police about us as well. Abad falls from the roof because it was raining heavily. He breaks his arms and legs and is taken to the hospital. Ramin goes to Mr. Nouri’s room to change his clothes and…

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