Ghorbaghe Part 9

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In this part, we saw some events from seven months ago. While Ramin and his friends are plotting to steal from Nouri, another group led by Shamsabadi is trying to abuse him. Shamsabadi is a powerful man who lost his wife and children in an accident; he killed that man and now he is in prison and awaiting execution.

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Serial Ghorbaghe Part 9 – Frog Series part 9

Shamsabadi summons Nouri to ask him to do something to satisfy the victim’s family. A deal whose other side is a threat to Nouri’s life and family and everything.
Nouri, however, uses the little time he has and changes the game in his favor by infecting him with a mysterious powder.
Shamsabadi, who came to escape the punishment of murder; now finds even more serious cases by confessing to the murder of two other young men.

Nouri is finally forced to visit him and…

After leaving Shamsabadi’s office, Nouri instructs Soroush to destroy all the CCTV cameras there. Also, in a live Instagram, he forces Shams Abadi to do something that …

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