Giso series and related rumors

Iranian Series Giso

It hasn’t been long since the airing of the romantic series 1 (Asheghane 1). The series was accompanied by a large amount of audience satisfaction but created a lot of rumors and controversies, which are not all.
From the beginning, the hijab of female actors and their economic situation were criticized.

What were the problems of the first season of the romantic series?

After the discussion of the hijab, some objections were made to the script of this series.
In this series, all the characters had luxury houses and cars and wore expensive clothes.

In general, the characters of the story were very far from the real characters, and this series, although it could not depict the facts; But it still had its audience.

Despite all these challenges, the project ended well.
Now, the second season of the romantic series is Giso.

Giso series and a little information about it

The existence of a series of obstacles has caused the Giso series to be postponed.
We expect to see the broadcast of the first episode of the Iranian series Giso later this month.

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