Information you did not know about the Giso series!

Asheghaneh” can be considered one of the masterpieces of Iranian serials. Whatever we say about the charm of this series, we said little!
The director of this series, after seeing the level of people’s satisfaction, decided to make “Asheghaneh 2“. But he will probably name this season “Giso“.

Who is Giso?

The actor who played Giso was Mahnaz Afshar, who is no longer available due to emigrating and leaving Iran and saying goodbye to the world of acting.

With this problem, it was thought that the director would decide to remove this character, but he named this season Giso and will examine this character throughout the film.

What is the story of the film Asheghane 2 (Gisoo)?

“Giso” is an enigmatic drama with social approaches and depicts the conflicts of a young couple.

When will this series air?

This month, watch the broadcast of this series from our website.

It is interesting to know that the script of this series has been rewritten more than 10 times and, contrary to its name, it has no emotional focus.

Who is the director of this series?

Manouchehr Hadi.
He has also produced the series Del and Rahman 1400, which also managed to break the sales record.

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