Malake Gedayan Part 10

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Soheil and Alborz return from before Shabir. Afra says goodbye to Arya and Arya says to her: Everything is over between you and me, I have only one question. Is there anyone in your life? Afra: It has nothing to do with you. Think it was, think it is.

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Arya is upset about the lies of the maple and eventually leaves the maple with annoyance. Meanwhile, Soheil and Alborz have returned from meeting with Shabir. Alborz is surprised by the condition of all those babies, thinking of revealing Shabir to the police.

Malake Gedayan Part 10

Leia and Parsa are in the lab talking. Leia says to him: Well done, you have made a good place.
Parsa: Guess what?
Leia: What happened?
Parsa: Our genius is addicted, Alborz!
Leia: Who is the source of the news?
Parsa: Sarah told me. Alborz was in front of Sara and they grazed together.
Leia: I have a stupid lawyer!
Parsa: For what?
Leia: Now it does not matter whether Alborz is addicted or not. I just wanted to know if Afra is still stubborn. If Afra had made him addicted, the whole city would have understood now.

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