Malake Gedayan Part 11

Malake Gedayan Part 11:

Shabir looks for Alborz and asks everyone. He goes to Muftabad and secretly sees that Alborz is there. He chases Alborz and talks to him in a restaurant. Shabir claims that he is the father of Alborz and he must stay away from the queen or the queen will kill him.

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Alborz does not believe her words and says that he wants to meet the queen to find out what he wants from her. At the same time, Afra calls Alborz and says that he should not return to Muftabad; otherwise, the queen’s people will kill him.

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Shabir is aware that Alborz is a genius in chemistry; and also knows that the queen and her men are looking for Alborz to force him to reveal the new formula that was discussed in the previous parts of the discussion.

Alborz goes to see the lawyer that Dariush had introduced to her and asks her for help. Darius’s lawyer asks questions about him and Sarah and finally tells him that he can hide in the office.

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