Malake Gedayan Part 12

Malake Gedayan Part 12:

After Noushin plays Ria, Afra gets angry with Aria and throws her out of Muftabad. The film is also seen by the queen and the pious, and the queen instructs the pious to solve this problem. It seems that Parsa sends people to Nooshin’s house to scare him.

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The next day, Aria and Siamak go there and Noushin insults them. But Aria and Siamak say: This was not our job, we did not send anyone. But Noushin does not believe and asks him to pay 500 million for not sharing the rest of the movies on Instagram.

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This episode of the series begins with a review of events in the past. Afra and Alborz are sister brothers and their father was addicted. Their mother also executed in prison. Shebir takes Afra and Alborz from their father and raises them.

In this way, the main identity of Afra and Farhad is determined here. Shabir also buys and takes both of these young children with him for money.

Shobeir gives Alborz to Khosrokhan and Khorshid and Khosrow raises him and sends him to Germany.

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