Malake Gedayan Part 13

Malake Gedayan Part 13:

Fariba returns to her workplace and sees that everything is in disarray. She calls Alborz but she does not hear an answer. Fariba is worried that Alborz may have been killed.

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Meanwhile, Alborz looks closely at the laboratory and monitors the security cameras there.

Afra is looking for Alborz, so she goes to Shabir’s house. She shouts and Shabir tells her that Alborz is his son and also says Parsa has taken him to a laboratory.
Shabir says: If you want to find Alborz, you have to find Parsa. Everything is his fault.

Afra goes to Mahnaz Gallery and takes out the people there. Parsa comes and talks to her.

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Sarah: Go and take a shower. The doctor must be clean and fragrant. Take this suit with you. Maybe you wanted the groom again. Everything is possible.
Alborz: What is this for?
Sarah: For me and you.
Alborz: Are we going to live here together?
Sarah: Yes, but first. We are going to produce medicine together, glass! With 80% purity.
Alborz: What you want is not medicine, it is drugs!

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