Malake Gedayan Part 5

Malake Gedayan Part 5: Alborz finds out after a DNA test that he is not the child of his parents. Khosrokhan and Khorshid Khanum had two children named Alborz and Cheshmeh. The two died in a kindergarten fire. Download Malake Gedaian Part 5

Malake Gedayan Part 5

Afra goes to see Aria in a different dress. Arya is a singer and will give a concert soon. They go to Aria’s house and his friend Siamak has invited some girls.

On the other hand, Alborz is very upset. Questions arise that will reveal the truth of the story. Did Alborz really die in a fire in a kindergarten incident in 1970, and is Alborz now another person that this family has adopted? Or has Parsa been able to change the DNA results with his influence and cut? Is Khurshid the current wife of Khosrokhan? Is Alborz the real child of Khosrow?

Afra leaves Arya’s house. Siamak complains to Aria why he loves Afra when there are so many good girls.
Alborz also goes to Muftabad and talks to the children about their dreams.

Alborz is very upset when he realizes that many children do not even know the meaning of wish.

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