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Khosrokhan comes to his senses while Alborz is in front of him. Alborz is happy and starts talking. But Khosrokhan cannot speak.

The doctor says to Ms. Khorshid: Who is this boy? Khosrokhan’s condition has worsened since he came.
Ms. Khorshid: Why? what has happened?
Doctor: When Khosrokhan saw him, his heart rate increased and his condition worsened. I strongly recommend that the other boy not come here.

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Alborz goes to Muftabad and talks to Afra. Afra tells him that he should go to Germany as soon as possible, but Alborz does not accept.
Alborz: Sarah said there is a place where I can hide for a while.
Afra: Do not trust Sarah. She is very bitch.
Alborz: Why?
Afra: It all happened to you. You should not trust him.
Alborz: I will see her tomorrow and we will be together.

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