Malake Gedayan Part 7

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With the arrival of Leia, it becomes clear that she is the mother of Aria and has a charity that helps orphans. The result of the Alborz test is also negative; but it is not clear that he is not really their child, or Parsa paid to change the test result. She suggests to Alborz that they run away together, but Alborz refuses. Sarah dates him again and tells Alborz that she still loves him.

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Serial Malake Gedayan Part 7

Dariush binds them and fights with Alborz and the police arrest him. After a few hours, Parsa goes to meet Darius. He frees Darius and tells him to work for the queen

Afra goes to the rehearsal place of her fiancé Aria with a change of style,
He also starts reading with great enthusiasm and tells Afra to take their marriage seriously. Afra accompanies Alborz to leave the country illegally, but she is sad and upset by this separation. The two are sadly separated.

Afra is supposed to sit next to her mother in the first row with Aria’s advice and order. Afra is ready to go to her fiancé Aria’s concert and …

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