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As per an IRNA report on Thursday, the film “Nagahan Derakht” composed and coordinated by Safi Yazdanian and delivered by Peyman Maadi will be delivered online on Monday, December 8, on the Filimo and Namava stages.

اکران آنلاین فیلم «ناگهان درخت» رایگان

Peyman Maadi, Mahnaz Afshar, Zohreh Abbasi, Shaghayegh Dehghan, Mehrab Ghasemkhani, Siamak Safari and Pantea Panahi are the entertainers in this film.

Out of nowhere the Tree is the second film by Safi Yazdanian, a previous pundit and current movie producer of Iranian film; In the film, we see the unpleasant and sweet recollections of the principal function of the film, which isn’t really especially alluring, however it is described in an imaginative way, and this unique and dangerous portrayal is the main element of Safi Yazdanian’s film.

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The film portrays various times of the life of the main job (Farhad) with Peyman Maadi from adolescence to after marriage and having kids, and shows the hard and agonizing snapshots of his life, which are identified with the partition from his significant other, with lovely symbolism and extraordinary music. Lays.

Nagahan Derakht , which was screened at the 37th Fajr National Film Festival in 1397, was likewise screened at the launch of the Australian Persian International Film Festival a year ago.

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As per IRNA, since the finish of 2019 on the planet and in March 2017 in Iran, numerous social, masterful and games have been halted or delayed to the post-crown period; Many public social settings, for example, films, theaters, and theaters, and exhibitions, either quit working based on cleanliness practices or complete their projects by tolerating restricted limit of guests.

Internet screening of craftsmanship projects, for example, motion pictures and music shows is one of the techniques that thrived during the Corona time. Like all the impacts and changes it has had on the social and financial ways of life of the individuals of the world, Quid 19 is required to change the fate of world social and creative occasions, for example, film.

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