Sareh Bayat

Sareh Bayat is one of the young actresses who has acted in good films in recent years. She was able to be seen well and won the Best Actress award for her role in the first season of the “Romance” (Asheghane 1) series.

The role of Sareh Bayat in the Giso series

One of the main roles in this series is Pegah and Soheil. These are a young and loving couple who one day decide to travel to the north of the country.
During the journey, interesting events happen to them and these events create the ground for the presence of a character named Giso.

“Asheghane” series review

Although the first season of the romantic series has great feedback; But from the point of view of critics and sociologists, this series is not suitable for Iranian culture as well as young people!

In fact, in this series, everything is upside down. They display abusive behaviors as if they have no problem!

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Here are some of the disgusting behaviors:

The film in the first parts shows a man standing in the bathroom of a divorced woman !!

Someone who is a murderer and hides everything is portrayed as a hero.

The characters in the movie do not have a good relationship with their family!

With that said, do you allow your child to watch this movie?


Sareh Bayat

Date of birth: October 5, 1979
Place of birth: Tehran
Profession: Actor
Best effect: Rare separation from Simin
Honors: Winner of Best Actress Award

Genre: About Giso