Serial Aghazade Part 28

What is going on in Serial Aghazade Part 28?

Sharifa goes to Hamed and Razieh’s house and reviews old memories. He remembers a time when they were all happy together and enjoying life. Sharifa looks at the photos of Hamed and Razia and kisses them and cries. Serial Aghazade 28

On the other side of the story, Nima dreams that he has gone to Mashhad to visit Imam Reza. He says: I came to say that I am upset about what I made, but I have no choice and I have no way back …

Haj Reza goes to Bahri and says to him: If I help you, will you help me?
Bahri says: It doesn’t matter to me now whether I am in prison or outside, life is hell for me.

Summary Of Serial Aghazade Part 28

Amir Bahri asks about Nima’s condition and Haj Reza says: Nima is not in a good condition, sooner or later he will be executed.

Haj Reza continues: You were the person you introduced to Haj Hassan. What is the relationship between you and Haj Hassan that you want to sacrifice Nima?
I left Nima in your hands to raise her, but you did not do well and threw Nima into the mire.

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