Serial Aghazadeh part 24 (Aghazadeh Seris Part 24)

Synopsis of ongoing scenes of serial Aghazadeh part 24:

Sequential Aghazadeh part 24

In Aghazadeh’s past scenes, we perceived how Sarah’s dad at last agrees to Amir Bahri’s case with dangers and terrorizing, and the court is content with a three-year jail sentence for the homicide of his little girl. Something that isn’t even probably not going to be claimed and exculpated or possibly decreased.

sequential aghazadeh part 24

serial aghazadeh part 24

In the twenty-third scene of Aghazadeh, we saw numerous occasions. This scene was joined by Razia’s delivery from jail. This opportunity tried to fulfill Nima, and since he didn’t know about the past news and obviously Hamed was unconscious of it, so Hamed couldn’t come to meet Razia and Tina goes to jail with earlier coordination and Razia with He took himself to a waste stockroom that had a place with the Nima pack and took it to Shahnam. There, they intend to slaughter Razia with a past arrangement, an entirely loathsome and difficult homicide.

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Khamed then examines how Razieh disappeared, however nobody knows about this. At last, noticing the CCTV cameras outside the jail, he understands that Razia is riding in Tina’s vehicle.

So he goes to Tina. Tina additionally states in a pre-organized scene that her vehicle was taken fourteen days back. In spite of the fact that he reports the deficiency of his vehicle to Hamed for this case, the case was dubious to such an extent that he doesn’t acknowledge it and considers the big picture.

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