Serial Aghazadeh Part 25

The Story Of Serial Aghazadeh Part 25

The second meeting of Serial Aghazadeh Part 25 preliminary was held within the sight of attorneys and the group of Sara Fazli. He can prompt a spot where toward the end Dr. Amir Bahri goes to his legal counselor and instructs him to go to Haj Hassan and welcome him and state that the bunch of this issue must be unfastened by him.

In Serial Aghazadeh Part 25 , Sarah’s dad goes to court to talk and says that I thought my girl was in a decent spot, I didn’t realize she planned to kick the bucket and she keeps on being compelled by certain individuals to assent yet she murdered her girl It doesn’t pass.

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Simultaneously, Tina and Razia are viewing Dr. Bahrami’s public preliminary at home and in jail.

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Bahrami leaves the court toward the finish of the gathering, where he is faced by a horde of journalists, and in the wake of responding to a couple of inquiries, he gets in his vehicle and goes to Haj Hassan.

Bahrami returns with nothing from Haj Hassan and Haj Hassan reveals to him that he wasn’t right from the earliest starting point to remain behind Dr. Bahrami and his calf child and this time he can do nothing for them.

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The last preliminary of Dr. Bahri has begun and the appointed authority called the specialist to the situation of the denounced to make his last protection, and Haj Reza has likewise gone to court. Dr. Bahri goes to the stand and starts talking, recalling the day of the episode between his discourses, and says feeling terrible that he can not proceed.

After the finish of the preliminary, Bahrami gives Sarah’s check to her dad and acquires their assent with the payoff. Pilgrimage Reza goes to the specialist and embraces him and says that he never needed this to occur.

Hamed and his associate are following Alex’s work so he can forbid him from leaving as quickly as time permits and bring his charges against Nima Bahri and set up a court in Nima, where his partner reveals to him that he has not visited his better half for quite a while. Hit him.

Sharifa Khanum, Hamed’s mom, has gone to jail to see Razia, shakes her head and says that she has disfavored them, but since of her child Hamed and his adoration, she is behind him and won’t disregard him.

Bahrami went to see Dr. Bahri and educated him regarding his assent, saying that he would be delivered after his work was done, yet that Nima had not had the option to do anything yet.

Tina’s dad goes to her at home and gripes to her that he murdered his girl and he drives Sarah to where Tina says that Sarah didn’t hear me out and for what reason did you save her blood? Who says I was apprehensive they would execute you as well…

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