Serial Aghazadeh Part 29

In the previous episodes, we saw that Haj Hassan and Behrooz made a deal and Behrooz prepared evidence against Nima. He was threatened with murder in prison. In Serial Aghazade Part 29, we see more interesting events.

The police find out who Alex’s killer is. Police arrested Nozar and sent him to prison. When Hamed is leaving prison, Nima tells him: Please do not be ignorant and help me. I told you something that if anyone finds out, my death sentence will be signed. Hamed tells him: Do not worry. I will do everything I can for you.

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Hamed’s father follows him and takes him home. Sharifa is very happy to see her son and kisses him. Hamed goes to Nima’s house with the police. Nima has a lot of expensive paintings. They price the boards and write them down.

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“People like Nima don’t just turn their money into houses, cars and land,” says Hamed. They also invest in other places, such as paintings and historical and ancient monuments.

Hamed asks his superior for permission to meet with Nozar and ask him questions and …

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