Serial Giso Part 3 (Asheghane 2) part 3

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Soheil is preparing a wreath for Reyhaneh’s tomb, and Pegah is in charge of caring for Dorsa at her home to attend the funeral. Meanwhile, Pegah, who had already arranged an appointment and introduction with welfare officials to visit her and Soheil; to check her eligibility to take care of the child.

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The welfare clients have arrived and while facing Soheil’s absence; they leave the house and postpone the continuation of this visit to another day.

Serial Giso Part 3 – Gisoo Series Part 3

Peyman is preparing a ticket and returning from the United States. Dora’s mother and father, who were present at the ceremony; also expressed their ignorance of Dersa’s location and condition and tried to inquire about Pegah.
But the most important thing that happens in this ceremony is the presence of economic corruption police officers who take Mohsen Shakiba with them by issuing an arrest warrant.
Apparently, he has been caught and arrested for many corruption cases. His case is so serious and the police cannot release him on bail. Haj Younes also plays an important role in this case and corruption.

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