Serial Giso Part 5 (Asheghane 2) part 5

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Haj Younes is threatened by unknown individuals. Someone calls him and blames him for Giso’s death. Younes, who is unaware of everything, is shocked. He does not pay attention, but the threats are getting louder every day.

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Eventually, he decides to go to the house of his son Reza and consult with him. The two have many problems and differences of opinion.

Serial Giso Part 5 – Gisoo Series Part 5

At Reza’s house, Peyman and Lucy are cooking. Reza returns from shopping and talks to Lucy. They think Lucy can’t speak Persian. But when Lucy and Peyman go out with Dena, Dena realizes that Peyman speaks Persian, but Lucy understands what he is saying.

On the other hand, Younes meets with Reza and asks him for help. He wants to give all his money and property to Reza so that he can escape from trouble. But Reza does not accept at first and can not share in his father’s crimes.

The question for the viewer is whether Giso is really dead or is it just a threat to Younes?

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